I have been interested in photography since I was young. I have worked professionally doing portraits and wedding photography. It paid the bills but did not provide me with an expressive outlet. I have always loved nature, hiking, camping and off-roading. I have shot sunsets, flowers and landscapes in color. But it just wasn't "me." In the early 1990's I began my study of B&W photography. This is when I discovered the world of infrared imaging.

For those who are unfamiliar with infrared, it is divided between the near-, mid- and far-infrared. The images I record are in the range of 700-1000nm, the near infrared region. Since I discovered IR photography I have been fascinated with the world recorded in IR. Since the early 90's I have been using Kodak HIE film with a Nikon F2. I push-processed the film in D-19 to obtain grain and increase contrast. All images I created were done by hand in a darkroom that needed to be setup and torn down. Anyone who has ever done any photography work, you either know or can imagine the time consumed making each image. Simply loading and unloading the camera requires special handling of the IR film. Because of the time required to create the images I have not had the opportunity to shoot as often as I would like to.

I have long wanted to sell my images. However, the issue of reprinting images became complicated with darkroom setup and teardown. I also found that making reprints for someone a month or two later was extremely difficult even with the printing information recorded. Some of this is due to paper batches being different and some of this due to chemical batches being slightly different with each mix. Also the dodging and burning required would never be exactly the same from print to print. Being a perfectionist I wanted better control...thus I waited...

DSLR's are finally available with enough megapixels for good enlargements and can record IR images. I am using a Nikon D80 that I modified to shoot everything from UV to Vis to IR. The control in the IR range is wonderful. Having an instant image to ensure proper exposure is an artist photographer's dream. Because the papers and inks available now replicate a silver gelatin print made by hand, I feel confident in offering my fine art archival images for sale.

I hope you enjoy the fine art galleries! I am continually adding to the collection and the gallery will continue to expand with newer works. I have added a film based gallery to the site. For the time being, none of the film based work will be available for purchase. The limited edition prints are signed and numbered. The signature and numbering is matted over when framed so not to interfere with the aesthetics of the photograph itself.

--Schuyler Smith